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Episode 195: Lucy Butler Part 2: SMART Goals and Ruleg matrices

Lucy Butler is a special ed teacher who at the start of the 2021-2022 school year was given the assignment of working with all the students in her high school who had failed ninth grade the previous year. Lucy had been attending my on-line clinics through the summer and over Labor Day weekend she attended our Science Camp, so she was very excited to apply the concepts of constructional training to her classroom students. With the help of Dr Claire St Peter and two of Claire’s former graduate students, Lucy began the process of changing the lives of her students.

In Part 1 Lucy reviewed some of the major lessons from the first half of the year. In Part Two we move into the second half of the year with a discussion of SMART goals. The students were learning that felt good to improve, so now they were further empowered by being asked to develop their own goals. What did they want to improve? Learn about SMART goals and how to use a Ruleg matrix to teach complex concepts.

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