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Episode 105: Easter Eggs Take Us To Trailer Loading

We begin by sharing some of our takeaways from Dr. Susan Friedman's fabulous interview. If you've listened to her podcast (episode 104), you can see how yours compare with ours. This discussion led us to more "Easter eggs" and to trailer loading.

Episode 104: Susan Friedman Escape, Avoidance, The Corona Virus, and “Easter Eggs”

Dr Susan Friedman is our guest for this very special 2 hour podcast. Normally we would divide up such a long conversation into many parts and spread them out over several weeks so they fit better into the rush of your life. But this conversation is perfect for binge listening. We didn’t want to make you wait, especially given the topic. For this podcast we’ve shifted away from horse training, and we’re looking at how the corona virus is impacting our lives. The question I wanted Susan to help me with is how do we find our power? How do we reframe what is happening to us so our actions are not so fear driven? The corona virus has shown us how fast our behavior can be changed by neg

Episode 103: Cindy Martin and Mary Hunter Pt 2: PORTL

In part 2 of our conversation with Cindy Martin and Mary Hunter we talk about PORTL. (Portable Operant Research and Teaching Lab) Cindy Martin hosts a clinic for me at her farm in Arkansas. Mary Hunter is our co-presenter in our new Listen and Learn audio course on applied behavior analysis. During a morning’s conversation after the 2019 clinic, the discussion turned to PORTL. Mary truly is our PORTL master. When she was working on her master’s degree at the University of North Texas, every week the graduate students in the behavior analysis department would get together to play PORTL. Actually, originally it would have been Kay Laurence’s table game, Genabacab. Under Jesús’ direction

Episode 102: Emotions and Emotional Behavior - Cindy Martin and Mary Hunter

In a conversation with Cindy Martin and Mary Hunter we discuss the “split in the church”. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to learn what that metaphor means in relation to training. It opened up a conversation about using different markers for different behaviors, jackpots, reinforcement is a process not a thing, reliable loops, treatless clicks, and changing behavior cycles one element at a time. All of this led us to a discussion of emotions and emotional behavior.