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Episode 173: Lucy Butler Part 2: Celebrate Success!

Lucy Butler is a horse owner and a clicker trainer. Lucy is also a special ed teacher at a high school. At the start of this school year she was assigned all the repeaters for freshman year, that is all the students who had failed ninth grade.

Lucy is going to take us into her classroom to see how her students are learning how to celebrate success. Some of you may be thinking - what has this got to do with horse training? I will answer with: everything is everything else.

Horses influence every part of our lives and the connections are worth celebrating. It’s a loop that goes in both directions. Lucy explored positive reinforcement teaching and constructional design first with her dogs and her horse. She took the principles to her classroom. She’s working with a challenging group of learners, and they are thriving. In this podcast Lucy shares the discoveries she’s been making. What she’s learning from her students can help us all be better teachers for our own learners, no matter the species.



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