Episode 53: A Celebration! Panel Discussion on Duration Pt. 2

This is episode 53 which means we’re starting our second year of podcasting! We’re continuing to celebrate this milestone with a panel discussion. As you’ll recall from last week, we invited all the guests from our 2018 podcasts to gather with us around a virtual kitchen table, or if you prefer the image of us all sitting together near a blazing fire, that works too. We invited Hannah Brannigan, Nancy Kelly, Michaela Hempen, Cindy Martin, Mary Concannon and Jane Jackson to join us in a discussion centered around one of Dominique's favorite topics - and that’s how do you build duration? In Part One Michaela and I had just finished describing a process for extending duration by cueing units of behavior. This technique comes to us from another great trainer, Kay Laurence. We were shifting from “how-to” questions to another equally important topic. It’s not so much do you know how to extend the duration of a behavior, but are you comfortable asking for more? Cindy Martin was about to jump into the conversation to answer that question when I cued the music. I made you wait until this week to find out what our panelists had to say on this topic. So this episode picks up again where we left off. Enjoy!