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Episode 268: Trick Training Part 2: Sneaky Training

This is part 2 of a conversation Dominique and I recorded on December 28 2023. We were in a year end mood which meant we began our conversation by looking back over a year of podcasts. We had just finished up several head spinning topics with conversations with Anita Schnee about Feldenkrais work, with Joe Layng on public and private events, and then with Michaela Hempen on assessing animal welfare.

We were both feeling the need for a topic about more practical training applications. Dominique chose the trick training chapter from my book “Modern Horse Training” as a good focus for a lively conversation.

In part 1 we began with a discussion of the many benefits of trick training. We talked about why even “serious” trainers should consider trick training. I would say I fall into this category. I don’t teach tricks to amuse other people. I teach them to amuse my horses, so I tend to think of trick training as part of an overall enrichment program.

In this episode we talk about a sneaky way to introduce a wide variety of tricks that easily morph into very practical husbandry training.


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