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Episode 250: A Celebration Pt 1: Balancing Art and Science

We’ve reached an astounding milestone, our 250th episode!!!! We celebrated this event by inviting three of the regular attendees of the coaching sessions for my on-line clinics to join us in a panel discussion. You’ve met them before when we did our first panel discussion with the coaching session attendees. We’re talking with Svenja Sawinksi and Sonya Bode, both from Germany, and Lucy Butler. You may remember the podcasts we did with Lucy where we talked about using a constructional training approach with her high school students.

Lucy gets our conversation going with a question that arose during the last coaching session. We were looking at leg flexions. In the coaching session I had suggested to Lucy that she think of the responses her horses were giving her more in terms of a Feldenkrais lesson rather than strict stimulus control. So on the one hand there is the art of training and on the other the science of training. What does that mean? That’s what we explore in this conversation with three talented trainers.


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