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Episode 232: Modern Horse Training - Riding Safely Pt 1

The new book has been out for just a week so of course we want to talk about it! In this conversation Dominique jumped straight to the last part of the book to the chapters on riding. We begin with the first of the riding chapters which is focused on safety. Dominique was excited to see how the lessons that were taught first one the ground can be used to create a great start to riding.

This is a chapter (and an episode) for people who are starting young horses under saddle, or who are getting back into riding after taking a break, or who are restarting an older horse who has been difficult to ride in the past. Safety always comes first so this section of the book focuses on how to use the component skills that are taught first on the ground and then transferred to riding to create solid riding basics.

In every clinic that I teach it seems there are always riders who are afraid to ride. They’ve had bad falls so their fear is very understandable, but they still want to ride. In the first part of this episode we talk about rebuilding confidence both for both the rider and the horse. In the second part we talk about teaching go forward cues that can transfer from the ground to riding.

To order the new book, “Modern Horse Training” go to my web site: or order it from Amazon.


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