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Episode 228: Dr. Claire St Peter Pt 1 Down the Rabbit Hole of Extinction

This week we’re beginning a three part series on Extinction with Dr. Claire St Peter. Claire has been our guest several times before. Most recently she was one of our panelists in the previous three episodes where we were talking with participants in my on-line clinics.

In addition to being a horse person, Claire is a behavior analyst. She teaches at West Virginia University. Her research focuses on improving outcomes for children who struggle in school. One of her areas of interest is extinction and in particular the generative effects of extinction.

I had the very great pleasure last year of collaborating with Claire on an article on Loopy Training that was published in the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. It was tremendous fun collaborating with Claire. I’ve been eager to have her join us for another podcast conversation.

Claire picked the topic. We’re going to be talking about extinction. In part 1 Claire gets us started by defining extinction. That seems as though that should take just a couple of minutes. It didn’t. Claire described some situations that we don’t normally think of in terms of extinction. Her perspective brings some valuable nuance to our training choices.


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