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Episode 216: Giving Feedback - How to Be Kind AND Effective

This is the second half of a conversation Dominique and I had recently that was centered topics that emerged during a recent live coaching session that’s part of my on-line clinics. Last week we talked about how you can use the food delivery process to increase your awareness of your horse’s balance. That awareness then leads to subtle suggestions that kindly, gently help your horse to release tension and find his own functional good balance.

In this episode we talk about feedback.

So many of us who ride have experienced lessons where the instructor is yelling. Even when you do something right, what you take away from the lesson is the yelling and the criticism. The ride was all about avoiding criticism. This shouldn’t be the gauntlet you have to pass through in order to learn how to ride. We treat our horses with kindness. We should want to treat each other with kindness as well. So how does this relate to feedback? In this episode we talk instruction and feedback - how to be kind and effective.


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