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Episode 220: Lucy Butler Pt 1 Skill-Based Teaching in a School Environment

Equiosity Episode 220: Lucy Butler Pt 1: Skill-Based Teaching in a School Environment

Lucy Butler is a special education teacher in a high school. In the 2021-2022 school year Lucy was given the task of working with all the students who were repeating their freshmen year of high school. Lucy has been a guest on our podcast several times before. She’s been sharing her classroom experiences with us. This year Lucy has another cohort of freshman class repeaters and she’s also co-teaching math classes. During the Christmas break she gave us a progress report.

In the math class she has opportunities to work with all the students, not just the ones are struggling with math. She describes how she uses thin slicing, loopy training and the constructional design principles to help all the students succeed in math class.

She is looking at the basics of how new skills are taught. This is universal. Whether you are working with human students or horses, teaching skills using a mastery-based structure leads to successful learners.

In this episode we talk about how to teach and also how to spread ideas to create system-wide change. If you have children in school, you will definitely want to listen to this podcast.

And do please share this podcast with others. That’s a great way to send out your own ripples of change.


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