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Episode 198 Dr Claire St Peter - Part 2: Language Puzzles

Last week we began a conversation with Dr. Claire St Peter. Claire is a Professor of Psychology at West Virginia University. She is the Director of Graduate Training, and the Coordinator of the Behavior Analysis program area at the University - and she is also a horse person.

We’re celebrating the publication of an article we wrote together for the Journal of Experimental Analysis of Behavior on Loopy Training. This was in response to a call for papers that the Journal put out last fall that asking for articles that explored the connections between the applied animal behavior community and the broader behavior analytic community.

Claire asked if I would like to write a paper with her. The result is our article entitled “Connecting Animal Trainers and Behavior Analysts Through Loopy Training.” We celebrated the on-line publication of the article by recording this podcast. Towards the end of Part 1, we talked about what is was like to write an article together, then we started down rabbit holes. In this episode we focus in on the effect that consistency - or the lack of consistency - in the handler has on the learner. We explore several language puzzle involving chains, stimulus control and procedural integrity.

Here's the link to the Loopy training article:


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