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Episode 192: Clinic Posts - Part 1: The Conversation is not a Burden

We are beginning a conversation that is centered around the on-line clinics. Even though the clinics are on-line and you go through them at your own pace, they are designed to be interactive. There are many places in them where people can respond to questions that I use to get a conversation going. And we’ve been having some wonderful exchanges that have created a rich resource for everyone in the courses to enjoy.

Dominique has chosen a handful of these conversations to highlight. We begin with a comment from one of my posts: the conversation is not a burden. What does that mean? Then we look at the magnetic attraction of mats and how to keep that in balance with other behaviors you may want. Keeping behaviors in balance takes us to backing. And backing takes us to us to everything. To find out what that means listen to this week’s episode.


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