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Episode 166: Dr Sarah Memmi Pt 3: Marketing - Creating Our Own Mainstream

I started out calling this episode “Come on in the water’s fine”. But I think ‘Creating Our Own Mainstream” is really more to the point. You’ll understand why as you listen to this episode.

This is part 3 of our conversation with Dr Sarah Memmi. Sarah is a behavioral scientist. She teaches at the University of Louisville in Kentucky where she’s an Assistant Professor of Marketing in the College of Business. Her main area of research is how people pursue goals; how they handle conflicts between multiple goals, and how they manage their personal resources (time, money). She also teaches in the University of Louisville’s unique equine business program.

In Part 1 of this conversation we talked about control and choice. In Part two we talked about two paradoxes - the paradox of choice and the paradox of control. This led us to the consider how ideas are spread through a community and that in turn brought us to marketing. Since Sarah teaches marketing at the University of Louisville, of course we needed to head in that direction. So that’s what we’re going to do in Part 3 of our conversation.

I think you’ll find that this is a very different kind of conversation than what you might expect given the subject. The definition Sarah gives us for marketing - a value exchange relationship has so many parallels with training. So yes, we are talking about marketing, but we are also talking about constructional training. We explore a powerful metaphor - what it means to create our own mainstream.


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