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Episode 162: Dr Susan Friedman Pt2: Emotions

This is part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Susan Friedman. When Susan presents at the Clicker Expo, I always make a point of sitting in on her presentations. But more than that, I like spending time with Susan in between talks. I learn a lot watching how generously and kindly she handles every situation. I have developed a mantra as a result - what would Susan do? I’m in a restaurant with slow service and frazzled staff - what would Susan do? I’m in a long line that isn’t moving, behind a young family with cranky children - what would Susan do? I’m in a conversation on the internet that’s becoming heated - what would Susan do?

Susan is never one to shy away from difficult situations. And that’s what prompted this current conversation. What do you do when the stakes are high and emotions are becoming heated? How do you keep the dialog going and maintain a relationship? And what is a relationship? That’s what we explore in Part 2. We often think emotions get in the way, but Susan reminds us that emotions are diagnostic. They track contingencies. If you think we are just at the mercy of our emotions, Susan offers us a very different perspective.


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