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Episode 159: Dr. Steve Naile Pt 3 A Measure of Good Care

This week we’re joined by Dr. Steve Naile. Dr Naile was my vet for over thirty years. He retired in 2020 just as the lockdowns began for the corona virus. When he was at the barn, Steve would often take time to talk about training, and about new updates in veterinary medicine. We’ve both missed those conversations so this podcast gave us a great excuse for a visit.

In parts 1 and 2 we talked about deworming, foot care, all the fancy new imaging technology that are available now for diagnosing lameness, vaccinations. In part 3 we were about to dive into a discussion of the horse’s digestive system when we had a little interruption. Dr Naile’s cat was doing what cat’s are so very good at. She was training Dr. Naile to give her attention, and she wasn’t at all shy about using more than a little negative reinforcement. So we took a quick short cut into the world of behavior analysis.

But Steve got us back on track with a discussion of feeding practices. We also talk about colics and laminitis and even the use of marijuana for horses. We end with the end - meaning we talk about the veterinarian’s role in end of life decisions. It’s a James Herriot ending to a wonderful conversation.

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