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Episode 158: Dr. Steve Naile Pt 2: From the Dark Ages to Modern Veterinary Care

This week we’re joined by Dr. Steve Naile. Dr Naile was my vet for over thirty years. He retired in 2020 just as the lockdowns began for the corona virus. When Steve came to the barn, whenever he could he made extra time to talk about training, and about new updates in veterinary medicine. I’ve missed those conversations so I thought this podcast gave us the perfect opportunity for a visit.

It was fun to swap stories about my horses, but that’s not really what this conversation is about. I wanted to look back with Steve over the changes that have occurred in veterinary medicine over the past thirty to forty years. It’s interesting to think about procedures that were common when Peregrine was a foal that Dominique has never even heard about never mind seen.

So last week we talked about deworming practices and the impact they have had on our horse’s health. This week we’ll look back at another procedure, one that always seemed like to me to be straight out of the dark ages. That takes us to a discussion of the advancement in x-rays and other imagining technology that help in the diagnosis of lameness. That of course took us straight to feet, what makes a good trim, and the relationship between vets and farriers. We end with a discussion of vaccines for horses.


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