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Episode 157: Dr. Steve Naile Pt 1: A Look Back Over 50 Years At Changes in Equine Veterinary Care

This week we’re joined by Dr. Steve Naile. Dr Naile was my vet for over thirty years. He retired in 2020 just as the lockdowns began for the corona virus. Whenever he was at the barn for our horses, Steve always made extra time to talk about training, and about new updates in veterinary medicine. I’ve missed those conversations. This podcast created an opportunity for an especially interesting conversation. I wanted to ask Steve to look back over the changes he’s seen in veterinary care over the fifty years he was in practice.

One of the things that makes this conversation with Steve especially interesting is he met Peregrine well before I started clicker training. He knew him as a young horse when Peregrine’s locking stifles were a major problem. And he saw the changes that occurred as I began to explore clicker training. He even learned a little clicker training - enough to help with horses who were afraid of injections.

It was fun to swap stories about my horses, but that’s not really what this conversation is about. I wanted to look back over some of the changes in veterinary medicine that have occurred over the past thirty to forty years. In many ways Peregrine was born in what I think of the as the dark ages in terms of some of the practices that were part of routine care. Dominique is newer to the horse world so she had never even heard of some of the things I wanted to talk about. It really is remarkable the changes that have occurred during the lifetime of my horses. We begin with worming - then and now.


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