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Episode 25: Do It Differently - Part 2

In Part One of this conversation we talked about Ken Ramirez’s suggestion to do it differently. He was referring to the training of husbandry procedures, especially as they relate to medical care. In this podcast we’re going to see how that phrase applies to performance work. We interrupted the conversation just as Dominique was about to talk about patterns. She had been talking one trial quitters. Dr. Jesús Rosales Ruiz introduced that phrase to us in the July webinar. He went on to talk about the ABCs of training, but in a way Dominique hadn’t thought about before. So we’ll pick up again where we left off. Our conversation is going to take us to patterns and the microshaping strategy, to techniques for building duration, and to a discussion that’s centered around what to do when your animal says “no I don’t want to.” We’ll jump back in at the point where Dominique is talking about several wow moments from the webinar with Jesús.

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