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Episode 23: Film Day!

Nancy Kelly and Spybird Productions are doing a documentary on operant conditioning. She recently spent four days at the barn filming the horses. When she was done interviewing me, Dominique and I interviewed her for this podcast.

Spybird productions is a small company. It’s Nancy, her videographer, and Bob Bailey. Nancy has known Bob since 2003 so this was a perfect opportunity to learn about the history of operant conditioning - who were the giants whose shoulders we are all now standing on?

Nancy had just spent several days in Boston interviewing B.F. Skinner’s daughter, Julie Vargas, so she had some intriguing stories to share. Our questions about Skinner led us to the Brelands and then on to Bob Bailey.

This is a history lesson, but don’t let that put you off. There are no dates to memorize or tests to pass. We’re talking about animal training and the work that was begun by B.F. Skinner and then carried forward by the Brelands, Bob Bailey, and many others to create modern, positive reinforcement animal training.

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