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Rope Handling Part 2

Have you ever gone on a treasure hunt? A good treasure hunt should follow the Goldilock’s principle. If the clues are too hard, you’ll become frustrated and quit. If the clues are too easy, there’s no pleasure in solving them. When the clues are just right, at first they puzzle you. What does this clue mean? What is the answer? And then you get it. That little feeling of frustration turns to pleasure. You got it!

Over time that feeling of being puzzled is welcomed. You have become a confident puzzle solver. You KNOW you can solve the puzzle and you welcome each new challenge.

When we’re teaching rope handling we are setting puzzles. If we make them too easy, our learners won’t become smart puzzle solvers. If we make them too hard, our learners will become frustrated. But get them just right and our learners will dance with us! Good rope handling is connected to choice, to communication, to connection.

Part 2 of this podcast on Rope Handling follows several threads that take us to creating eager puzzle solvers.

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