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The companions of our Heart

Episode #2 - This podcast is packed! We start off by talking about the bonds horses form with one another and how important it is to support and protect the friendships horses form. Then we move on to a discussion of smart learners, enthusiasm and the need to develop calm, settled behaviors to create emotional balance. That leads us to a discussion of mats: how to train them, how to use them.

Still with the overall focus on emotional balance we move on to food delivery. We share several stories that show how much a horse’s behavior can be influenced by how you deliver the treats. Enthusiasm and joy are always cherished. I end with a favorite story about my horse, Robin.

Be certain to listen all the way to the end. We have some wonderful “reinforcers" for you to thank you for listening to our podcasts. We’ll be telling you about them at the end of the episode.


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