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Episode 58: Sarah Owings Pt 2: Introducing Cues

This is Part Two of our conversation with Sarah Owings. Sarah is a dog trainer. It may seem odd that in a podcast about all things equine, we are talking about dogs, but there is a lot of value in looking at what people are doing with other species. I learned a long time ago that the way to expand a field is not from within, but by bringing in fresh ideas from outside. So I love going to the Clicker Expo and sitting in on the presentations of other members of the faculty. Sarah is on the Clicker Expo faculty as well. One of the characteristics all the faculty have in common is we are all life long learners. When we aren’t presenting, we are sitting in on each other’s talks. So thi

Episode 57: Sarah Owings Pt. 1: Progressive Education for our Animals

Sarah Owings joins us for a conversation about cues, but first we begin with a discussion about progressive education and puzzle solving. Before she became a professional dog trainer Sarah taught kindergarten in a progressive school that valued "brave learners". We talk about what that means for both children and our animal learners.

Episode 56: The 300 Peck Pigeon Lesson Revisited

After four weeks listening to our panel discussion on duration, you may think it’s time to move on to another topic. But you would be wrong! The panel discussion prompted a revisiting of one of the strategies we talked about - the 300 Peck Pigeon lesson. We could easily have called this episode “Teaching Better”. Twenty years on from the original development of this lesson, what have we learned? What has changed? The answer is we are loopy! You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what all of this means.

Equiosity Podcast - Episode 55: A Celebration! Panel on Duration: Part 4

This is Part Four of our panel discussion on duration. We invited our guests from our first year of podcasts to join us. So we have Hannah Brannigan, Nancy Kelly, Michaela Hempen, Cindy Martin, Mary Concannon, and Jane Jackson. With such a great group of panelists we had a lot to talk about!