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Episode 237: To Tie or Not To Tie and the Problem with Red Light/Green Light Cues

We’re starting a new conversation. Dominique has been collecting some topics to discuss from the coaching sessions that are part of my on-line clinics, from the new book, Modern Horse Training, and from conversations she’s seen on the internet. We cover four or five big topics so I have divided the conversation into two parts. We’ll begin with a discussion of tying. On the internet Dominique ran across what turned into a very heated discussion about whether or not you should tie your horse. From there we look at leading and the importance of signaling your intent so you don’t end up playing a game of red light-green light with your horse.

In part 2 we’ll be looking at another useful metaphor, that of filmstrips and how they can be used to teach patterns both on the ground and under saddle. Then we’ll talk about working with injured horses, and we’ll finish up with how you can use the snap on your lead rope like a toggle switch to create very nuanced tactile cues. We’ll look in particular how to ask your horse to back up so you aren’t pushing into your horse.


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