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Episode 215: In Conversation Pt 1: Kinesthetic Food Delivery

This week begins a two part conversation with Dominique. Dominique is asking about topics that emerged during a recent live coaching session that’s part of my on-line clinics. She was struck by a comment I made about using the food delivery to feel in your hand how a horse is balanced. This was an idea that was new to her. She was very aware of how you can use the food delivery to monitor a horse’s emotional behavior, but she wasn’t tuning into using the food delivery to evaluate a horse’s physical balance.

We talk about how this works, how you can develop your own awareness of balance, and then how you can use the food delivery to influence a horse’s balance. In a very subtle and clever way we can offer a suggestion. While the horse is taking his treat, he will respond to that suggestion by releasing tension in his poll, and shifting his balance. Think of this as a very subtle body work session that can profoundly and yet so very gently alter how a horse is using his spine.

This tactile awareness is a great preparation for riding. You’re learning to tune into the the same kind of finessed feel that you look for when you are communicating via a lead or rein.


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