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Episode 205: Christa Culbert Pt 2: Working with an Unsound Horse

This is the second half of our conversation with Christa Culbert. Christa is an artist, a horse trainer, and an educator. She is pursing a career in the horse world, and dreams of starting a classical dressage clicker training horse rescue someday. Christa has been participating in my on-line clinics so I’ve been watching her progress with her two older horses.

In this episode she introduces us to Huck, a horse she rescued when he was so lame he could barely walk. We talk about the choices she made for him, including the role that training has had in his recovery. We also talk about Christa’s experiences living with her horses in their pasture. That’s a life style I know many people would love to have with their own horses.

Other topics include using clicker training to teach young children. Christa asks an important question: What kind of leaders do we need? Her answer: “We need people who are creative, who look to science, who are good listeners, and when something is not going their way, they break things down or try a different way - all things that clicker training teaches. We don’t need more leaders who kick harder when they don’t get what the want.”


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