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Episode 204: Christa Culbert Pt 1 - Celebrating Older Horses

In the recent Dressage Camp one of the standouts for me during the introductions were how many of the participants were working with older horses. It was so good to hear how many people were choosing to rescue older and often unsound horses. They wanted to know how they could help their horses, so clearly this was a great topic for the podcast. I invited one of the Dressage Camp participants, Christa Culbert, to spend the afternoon with us in conversation.

Christa is an artist, a horse trainer, and an educator. She is pursing a career in the horse world, and dreams of starting a classical dressage clicker training horse rescue someday. Christa has been participating in my on-line clinics so I’ve been watching her progress with her two older horses. Both came from a horse rescue.

In this episode we talk about Christa’s background both in the horse world and her search for a way of working with horses that feels morally right. That search brought her to clicker training. In so many of the podcasts we talk about what we can learn from the science of behavior analysis. In this conversation Christa shares how her training as an artist has informed her horse training.


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