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Episode 193: Clinic Posts Pt 2: Yes and No Answers

Last week we began a conversation that was centered around the on-line clinics. Even though the clinics are on-line and you go through them at your own pace, they are designed to be interactive. There are many places in them where people can respond to questions that I use to get a conversation going. And we’ve been having some wonderful exchanges that have created a rich resource for everyone in the courses to enjoy. Dominique has chosen a handful of these conversations to highlight. We talk about practical solutions as well as general principles.

This week’s topics include the use of the grown-ups-are-talking lesson to help develop emotional stability; starter button versus constant on cues; how to use the “yes” of the click in combination with the “yes” from the lead to build greater communication; and what does “No” look like and what do you do when your horse says, “No”?


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