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Episode 181: Spanish Walk, Building Confident Puzzle Solvers, Balance and The Stay-At-Home Clinics.

We’ve been talking about my new Stay-at-Home, Learn-from-Home clinics, but as always that’s taken us down some great rabbit holes. This week Dominique starts us off with some questions about Spanish Walk. That takes us to a discussion of puzzle solving. When is it okay to “Let the horse figure it out”? It’s a common phrase in the training world. When is that a good strategy, and when are you eroding the confidence of your learner that he can figure out the puzzles you set for him?

Puzzles take us to observation skills and balance - central topics that are part of all of the Stay-at-Home, Learn-from-Home clinics. The clinics are now open. You can learn more about them and register for them at my web site: There you’ll find detailed descriptions of all eight clinics and the overall concept behind these on-line clinics.

Geography doesn’t matter. Wherever you live, you can join in. You don’t need to put your horse on a trailer. Save the gas and join us on line instead.

My goal for these clinics is a simple one. I want use the advantages that teaching on line creates to develop skilled positive reinforcement trainers. I want you to become balance obsessed the way I am, and I want to help you develop a deep connection with your horse through kind, thoughtful constructive training. Again visit to learn more.


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