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Episode 147: Riding Part 1

This is the start of a three part conversation about riding with the clicker. In Part 1 we jump straight in with a description of single-rein riding. We’ll take you back to what it was like to be a youngster again going out to get your pony. It was a lot more fun to hop onto your pony bareback and ride to the barn rather than walk all the way back.

You had only a halter and lead rope for control, but you learned that was all you needed. And then you took lessons and you forgot those early learning-to-ride experiences. Or maybe you never had the opportunity growing up to experience that kind of freedom. All you’ve known is conventional riding so single-rein riding seems very mysterious.

I want to take the mystery out of it. In this three part conversation I’ll be describing that it really isn’t something other, different from what you already know, but part of a teaching continuum that creates beautiful balance and a great connection between horse and rider.


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