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Episode 129: Helene Lawler Pt 3: Good Balance Is Reinforcing

We’re in the middle of a fun conversation with Helene Lawler. Helene is a professional dog trainer. If you have listened to the previous episodes you know that she has become balance obsessed. It’s so exciting. Once that genie pops out of the bottle, there’s no shoving it back in. Everything changes when you see your training and your learners through the balance lens.

I love talking about balance. Good balance - physical and emotional - sits at the core of everything that I teach. One of my central training beliefs is good balance doesn’t just feel good to us. It feels good to our equine training partners as well. Helene Lawler would say that applies to the dogs she works with as well. Balance matters.

This week we continue our conversation about how she has been applying the work that I’ve been developing for horses to her dog training. We share some fun stories, including one involving stilts and horses. You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out what that’s about.


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