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Episode 101: Cindy Martin and Mary Hunter - Movement Cycles and Loopy Training

What is the difference between movement cycles and loopy training? That’s the question we explore. This podcast was recorded at the spring 2019 clinic that was held at Cindy Martin’s farm in Arkansas. Several clinic regulars stayed over at the end of the clinic. So after dinner Monday night, I set up my computer, got out my microphone and we recorded a clinic wrap up. Joining us were Cindy Martin, Anita Schnee, karen Quirk, and Mary Hunter.

Mary is our presenter in our new “Listen and Learn audio course: An Introduction to Behavior Analysis”. So this podcast is a great way to introduce her to you. To learn more about the audio course visit: The corona virus has forced the cancellation of all my spring 2020 clinics. We can’t get to a clinic, but we can at least eavesdrop in on this discussion.

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