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Episode 246: Surprises! Awareness Explorations, Multiple Mat lessons and Bend Pt 1

Dominique and I took turns this week with the topics we wanted to discuss. Dominique began with a fun surprise. She wanted to talk about the body awareness explorations that are part of my teaching. Dominique has never liked these awareness explorations. They just didn’t resonate with her. So she started out as a “no, this isn’t for me.” In clinics she was always polite and went along with the session even though she wanted to be doing something else.

In this episode she has shared how over time she has shifted from a “no” to a maybe, and then to: actually this is starting to make sense to me. She talks about what created that shift. And I share how I view these awareness explorations,I talk about some of the many reasons I value them, and why they have such a prominent role in the way I teach.

In the second half of the episode we talk about a multiple mat lesson and bend. What is bend? And what happens when a horse is over bent?

We end with a tease of a surprise that will be coming next week.


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