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Episode 145 Anita Schnee and The Feldenkrais Method® Part 2

In Part One of our conversation with Anita Schnee we promised you an Awareness Through Movement lesson. That’s how we begin this week’s episode. There’s no better way to learn about the Feldenkrais Method® than to experience it directly. So this week instead of listening to the podcast while you are driving, instead find a quiet time when you can lie down on your back. Relax, listen and enjoy an ATM lesson. Then join us for a further discussion of the work as it relates to working with horses.

If you find after listening to the podcast that you want more, Anita offers ATM lessons via the internet. To learn more contact Anita at

Anita also joins me for many of my virtual clinics so that's another great way to experience the Feldenkrais Method®. To learn more about my clinics visit:


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