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Episode 139: Kyle Hetzel Pt 3: Farriers, Vets, Giving Agency, Saying No, and Saying Yes!

This is part 3 of our conversation with Kyle Hetzel. Kyle is a zoo keeper. He used to work with big cats, sea lions, giraffes, wolves and other wild animals. But he is currently working in the children’s zoo section of a large west coast zoo. Kyle wants to bring what he has been learning from the wild animals to the handling of domestic animals.

In Part 1 Kyle introduced us to some of the exotic animals who were his early teachers. In Part 2 we shifted the conversation to barnyard animals - goats, mini horses and a very large steer named slider. As we continue on with the conversation, the focus is very much on cooperative care.

It’s easy to get stuck in a training rut. Kyle’s work with the zoo animals helps us all to be more creative in our training plans. And he shares with us an effective team training approach that includes the farrier and veterinarian.


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