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Episode 132: Clinics!

Last year Alexandra Kurland switched all of her clinics over to a virtual format. This year she will be doing the same. Normally, we would never take an entire podcast to talk about these events, but these are not normal times we are living in. The virtual format has opened up so many more opportunities to reach out to people, Alexandra wanted to make sure you understand the format and the content of these clinics. In a sense they are an online course that unfolds through the year.

The format means that it doesn’t matter where you live. Geography doesn’t matter. Time zones don’t matter. You can sign up and participate with your horse. You don’t have the stress of travel for either one of you which is one of the many advantages of the virtual clinics.

If you have questions about the clinics, if you want to learn more about what each one covers, this is a great resource for you.

We’ll also be talking about the up-coming clicker expo and the demos Alexandra will be doing for that event.

To learn even more about the clinics or to register visit: and check out the events section for more details.


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