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Episode 112: Suzanne Kernek Pt 2: Going to the Dogs

Last week we began a two part conversation with Suzanne Kernek. Suzanne is a horse owner and a professional dog trainer. She’s also a regular attendee of my Half Moon Bay CA clinics.

At the clinics I always love our evening conversations where we talk about the connections that Suzanne has found between the work that I teach and the dog training that is her everyday life. At the end of last week’s episode Suzanne had just commented on the connection between physical and emotional balance. We’ll pick up there as Suzanne explores the question: is this link as clear in dogs as it is in horses? We’ll be talking about the many ways in which the rope handling that I developed for the horses can be used with dogs. I don’t have a dog, so I rely on my friends who train dogs to test this out for me. When we look at the rope handling from the perspective of using it with dogs, I always find details that make the work even clearer for horses.

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