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Episode 72: Becky Chapman Pt 4: The Best of Them

Becky Chapman is a biomechanics coach and classical dressage trainer. She runs a training facility in Suffolk, in the UK. All the horses in her yard are clicker trained. Last week you heard about Becky’s simulator.

It’s a wonderful machine. I remember during one of my visits Becky and I spent a morning exploring the single-rein riding techniques that I teach. It was fascinating to see what the computer was telling us as we made small changes in the way the rider used the reins. It was so much fun to see the details of the single-rein riding confirmed by the simulator. The simulator veered us off into Becky’s current coaching. My next question brought us back to horses and the story of Mack, the horse that took Becky to the prestigious Horse of the Year show.

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