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Podcast 30: Repertoire - The Bigger the Better

This podcast continues a conversation we began last week. We ended Episode 29: Pre-school with a “save that thought” comment about the importance of building an extensive repertoire of behavior. As Dominique said: “If you don’t have a repertoire - you have nothing. How can we talk? You don’t want me to do - whatever. But you haven’t taught me what I CAN do. Teach me a hundred other things I can do, and then we can talk. And then you can redirect me. Repertoire of behavior is under-rated. It’s our tools we’re going to use to find solutions. And you can never have too many.” Dominique’s closing comment was: “If you don’t know what to train - train anything”. In this podcast we pick up on that statement and follow this conversation that’s centered around the building of a repertoire takes us.

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