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For Episodes published in 2019 and 2020 begin here.  Scroll down for the most recent episodes.


Please Note: Not all the podcasts have additional material associated with them.

Episode 44: What Patience Teaches

published January 18, 2019

Patience puts on her collar .png

Our conversation began with a description of Patience, one of my young cashmere goats, learning to help put on her collar and harness. We've shared a short video showing the process.

Episode 65: Panda: A Guide

Horse for the Blind Pt 1

published June 12, 2019

Panda is a guide horse for her blind owner, Ann Edie. You can watch some of her early training in this video clip.

Panda great walk IND final page.jpg

Enjoy these photos of Panda.

Episode 67: Panda - A Guide

Horse for the Blind: Part 3

Enjoy this video of Panda playing her favorite game: Panda Catch.

Panda catch in field 1.png

Episode 68: Panda - A Guide

Horse for the Blind: Part 4

IMG_1992_1 Panda Ann construction.JPG

Enjoy these photos and videos of Panda guiding through a construction zone.


Dominique is seeing if she can transition two of her horses to barefoot.  On Pico's page we have an interview with her farrier and some pictures  where Pico models his new boots.  The tips which Marion shared in the podcast are helping these boot to fit well without rubbing.

Episode 85: Pico's Page -

The Transition to Barefoot


Understanding the Premack Principle can help us find new reinforcers.  In this article, which we discuss in the episode, several researchers used the Premack principle to find all sorts of interesting reinforcers for three-year-old children.

Episode 122: Journal

of the Experimental analysis of behavior

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