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Pico's Page: The Transition to Barefoot

Pico had shoes on all four feet.  On November 13, we pulled his shoes and started his transition to barefoot. It was the beginning of a journey.


You will find regular updates on this page.

For now, Pico is wearing boots during his daily turnout.  He comes in at night to have some time without the boots.  This allows for both the feet and boots to dry completely.  

December 5, 2019


I was worried the front boots might be rubbing his heel bulbs.  Following Miriam Braun's tip, I cut the toes of a  pair of  man's socks and put them on his front feet. It  seems to be working pretty well.  I don't see any rubbing.

It has been three weeks now and I am very optimistic, as he is showing no signs of discomfort.  He seems very at ease in his boots in the pasture.  He trots and gallops with them.  All four boots have studs for the winter.  My shoe repairer put the studs on the boots.

I will be working with Christian Roy and Miriam Braun as a team to help transition Pico as comfortably as possible. 

 As per Paige Poss' advice, I plan to have the team visit Pico after 4 or 5 weeks.  

If your horse is still wearing shoes, you may be interested in this short interview with my farrier, Christian Roy.  This interview was done on the day that Christian pulled Pico's shoes . We discuss what farrier certification is, collaboration between veterinarians and farriers/trimmers, the importance of continued education and the difference between cold shoeing and hot shoeing. 

Christian Roy Interview - 12_5_19, 12.29Christian Roy
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