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Bonus material for Episode 66: Panda: A Guide Horse for the Blind: Part 2

Enjoy these photos of Panda.


Photos 1-6 : Panda and Ann descending the stairs outside the State Museum; Panda finding the curb; shopping for a new mane comb; retrieving Ann's keys; out to lunch; Panda and Robin sharing a snack. (Photo credits: Neil Soderstrom. These photos were taken for the children's book: Panda A Guide for Ann published by Boyd Mills Press.

A winter's walk:

Panda walk 1.1.17  cross street.png
Panda walk 1.1.17  cross street 2.png
Panda walk 1.1.17  cross delaware.png
Panda walk 1.1.17  by bikes.png
Panda walk 1.1.17   at curb.png
Panda walk 1.1.17 zebra crossing.png

Rest and Play

Panda nap time at Ann's head shot only 1
Panda nap time at Ann's 1.png
Ann and Panda scrabble close up.png
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