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Episode 251: Panel Discussion Pt 2: Puzzle Setters

Last week we reached the milestone of our 250th episode. To celebrate that event we invited three of the regular attendees from the coaching sessions for my on-line clinics to join us for an afternoon’s conversation. We’re talking with Svenja Sawinksi and Sonya Bode, both from Germany and Lucy Butler. You may remember the podcasts we did with Lucy where we talked about using a constructional training approach with her high school students.

Lucy got our conversation going with a question that arose during the last coaching session that boiled down to what is the difference between the science and the art of training? When we focus on how our horses use their bodies so we can help them to be better balanced, we often bring in references to the Feldenkrais training for people.

How to we translate that to working with our horses.

We ended last week with a great summary from Svenja and a wonderful closing statement from Sonja.

This week we continue on with a discussion of how training lets us help horses who may have long standing heath issues that effect their mobility and general comfort. Our guests describe what the process of going micro means for their training. They share how they use the feedback their horses provide to structure training plans that meet their individual needs.


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