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Episode 234: Modern Horse Training: Pt 1 Adding Clarity Through Constructional Training

Surprise, surprise, of course, we are talking about the new book. In Episodes 232-233 Dominique took our discussion to the end of the book to the section on riding. In this conversation we’re back at the beginning of the book. Dominique has been thinking about what has been added to our understanding of clicker training since she first began to look at it 15 years ago. The answer is a lot.

For Dominique three elements stood out in the beginning of the book. The first was the addition of constructional training. In this episode we talk about the overall concept of constructional training and the enormous clarity that the constructional training language adds to our training choices.

(We also begin by talking about print on demand and the incredible changes that are happening in the publishing world. Everything is everything else so I am sure there’s a connection to horse training in there somewhere. Modern publishing for modern training - it all fits together.)


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