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Episode 214 Dr. Joe Layng Pt 3 Degrees of Freedom and Societal Relationships

Part 3 of our conversation with Dr. Joe Layng explores the societal consequences that occur when degrees of freedom are restricted. If you have ever found yourself wondering what leads people to join extremists groups and to commit acts of violence, Joe’s discussion of degrees of freedom will give you great insights on the dynamics involved.

You might be thinking this topic doesn’t belong in a podcast about horses, but consider the experience so many in the positive reinforcement training community have experienced. In boarding barns and on line people are frequently criticized and ostracized when they begin exploring alternative training methods. I’ve wondered at this hostility. What does it matter to others in the barn that someone is feeding treats to their horse? But apparently it matters very much.

Joe’s discussion of the societal consequences related to degrees of freedom gives us a way to understand the causes behind some of the horrific headlines in the news. It also helps us understand the bullying behavior many encounter in boarding barns and on social media.

But Joe doesn’t just describe the problem. He also offers solutions. This is an important discussion. Joe’s insights into the concept of degrees of freedom can help us all to become part of the solution. Our horses give us practice in using behavior that can break the cycle of isolation and anger that all too often these days leads to aggression.

Please share this podcast with others. In this Holiday season we can all begin to make a difference.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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