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Episode 176: Dr Claire St Peter Pt 2: What Causes Behavior To Relapse?

This week we continue our conversation with Dr. Claire St Peter. Claire received her PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in Behavior Analysis from the University of Florida in 2006. She is currently a Professor of Psychology, the Director of Graduate Training, and the Coordinator of the Behavior Analysis program area at West Virginia University. She is also a horse enthusiast so in this conversation we get to explore all her interests.

In Part 1 we began with mastery-based learning and then Claire introduced us to the concept of super resurgence. In Part 2 we begin with the reasons why behavior relapses. That will take us to quadratic equations, philosophical answers contrasted with ethical ones, loopy training and the constructional approach, variable and continuous reinforcement schedules, and collaborations between trainers and researchers. It’s a fun, wide-ranging conversation that takes us down some unexpected but fun rabbit holes.


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