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Episode 97: Concept Training Pt 1 - But First A Detour Into Husbandry

Concept training really lets our animals show us how smart they are. It is tremendous fun and it widens out the repertoire of behaviors you can ask for. Many of us have been introduced to concept training via Ken Ramirez and his many presentation at the Clicker Expo. He has inspired us to explore match to sample and other forms of concept training. One of the many people who has been inspired by Ken's work is Vidhya Karthikeyan. I met Vidhya at the January 2020 Clicker Expo. Her use of concept training is so creative I wanted to share what she's been doing. So this conversation is about concept training, but it began with a detour into husbandry care so that's where we'll begin.

Links and resources

Vidhya's web site

The bucket game

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