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Episode 31: The Basics Done Well

At the end of the previous podcast Dominique was saying the more she knows, the more she sees the value of the basic work. The basics well done. That’s what training is. When you have that, the basics start looking like very fancy performance. You develop a real back and forth conversation with your horse. That’s when it becomes truly joyful. Your horse not only has a voice, it is a voice that is being listened to. That’s how we ended the podcast. As we continue the conversation, we explore what it means for the horse to be given a voice that counts. It includes a discussion of our animals being able to say “no”. How do we deliberately teach “no”. How do we show them that it is not only safe to say “no”, but there are many contexts in which we actually welcome it. That’s just the beginning. Join us for a rich conversation about why we “behave”.

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