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Episode 22: A Postcard From Italy

Alexandra Kurland’s European adventure continues. In this podcast she is joined by two of her traveling companions, Michaela Hempen and Rebekka Schulze. Together in this "audio postcard” they describe the second half of Anja Beran’s International Workshop. On the drive south to Italy, they take you through the Austrian Alps, share a tour of Verona with archaeologist and tag teacher Luce Canever, and then arrive in Parma for the second half of the adventure - a clicker training workshop.

That workshop was filled with many treats, including a session each day with a Feldenkrais instructor. You’ll learn about the Feldenkrais work and why it is so linked to clicker training. Through the podcast the direct links between clicker training and classical dressage are made much clearer. We may be taking you on a journey through Germany and Italy, but this podcast is really a "connect the dots" tour of clicker training and classical dressage.

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