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Episode 18: A Conversation With Hannah Brannigan: Part 1: Why Does Good Balance Matter?

This week we welcome our first guest to our equiosity podcast. We’re joined by Hannah Brannigan. Many of you will already be familiar with Hannah’s work. She’s a member of the Clicker Expo faculty, and she also has her own, very popular podcast - Drinking from the toilet.

Hannah is both a professional dog trainer and a horse owner so it’s easy to make the connections back and forth between training dogs and training horses. We both enjoy her podcast, so it was easy to get carried away in our conversation. We ended up talking for about two hours. We covered so many different topics we decided it was too much for one podcast so we split it into three much more digestible units.

This week in Part One we talk about balance as it relates to both horses and dogs. We begin by asking Hannah why she became balance obsessed? Why does this attention to the minute details of how her dogs move matter. Hannah defines task analysis for us as we explore the question: how do you know what to look for to improve your animal’s balance?

Hannah talks about her terrier Rugby and the huge change in his movement that good training has helped to create. In the podcast Hannah talks about a video that shows Rugby moving in a big, floating trot (big that is for a little terrier). We have put the links to that video, plus some still shots of his movement up in the members library.

If you don’t yet have the password for the library, just fill out the subscription form in the member’s section. We’ll send you the password. If you don’t see it in your in-box, remember to check your junk mail. It may end up there.

Once you have the password, you can access all the bonus articles we’ve posted in the Members Library.

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