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Join date: Jul 8, 2018


I’m a clicker trainer in Scotland who is getting ”back on the horse” after several years out of the scene due to what I now recognise as mental health difficulties. I hosted Alex Kurland’s Scottish clinics from 2006 until (I think) 2014. All the clicker training I have done has been Alex’s ”style”, and I’m really enjoying coming back to it after my time away from training. Looking to delve deeper into the work now and really explore the work of Jesús and others. I have one big horse (Chloe, who features in the ”Just for Fun” section of the Overcoming Fear and the Power of Cues DVD), and also miniature horses, which I have bred and shown. I’ve got lots and lots to learn and develop! I also have a nearly three year old daughter and a five month old baby daughter, both of whom I endeavour to parent gently.

edited to add I’m a professional hoof trimmer and have been since 2008!

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